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We provide warranties for all of our security cameras.

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We also provide warranties for all of our alarm systems.

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The Mission of North Cal Security Inc. is to provide tailored protection, and security measures to our clients using warranted quality products, and customer service.  Knowledgeable staff will provide peace of mind to our clients by ensuring the highest level of protection for their assets and personal safety needs at reasonable guaranteed pricing.  Licensed, bonded, insured, and family owned, we strive to enhance, and see to the safety of our clients, and the general public.  Say Yes to NCS Inc.

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24/7 Monitoring Services

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Once your remote security system is in place, our expert security team can provide around the clock live monitoring. Our team is experienced in the live monitoring systems for every device we sell, so you don’t have to be. We know what threats to look for in live monitoring systems and the proper steps to take when there is one.

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Who is North Cal Security?

North Cal Security is a San Francisco company specializing in installing CCTV equipment, Thermographic Cameras, Alarm Systems, Door Access systems, and much more. Your peace of mind is our priority. We have years of professional experience installing CCTV equipment. Contact us today to secure your property.

What is North Cal Security’s mission?

NCS’s mission is to provide professional tailored protection, and security measures to our clients using high-quality products, and customer service. Our knowledgeable staff will provide peace of mind to our clients by ensuring the highest level of protection for their assets and personal safety needs at reasonable guaranteed pricing. We are licensed, bonded, insured, and family-owned, and we strive to enhance and see to the safety of our clients and the general public. If you are looking for professional CCTV equipment and CCTV installation, say Yes to NCS Inc.

What are the main security solutions you offer?

CCTV Equipment

CCTV Equipment allows you to Monitor your home or business from anywhere and anytime. CCTV stands for “Closed Circuit Television, also commonly known as video surveillance where installed video cameras are connected to a network that transmits videos to a specific set of monitors. These cameras are commonly used in commercial businesses, schools, small businesses, government buildings, and ore. There are different CCTV camera types for different purposes. CCTV cameras come in color, black and white, and sometimes panoramic viewing. At North Cal Security, we want to provide you with the best CCTV equipment solutions to meet all of your needs. Please contact us now for more information on our CCTC and CCTC installation services.

Intruder Alarm Systems

Intruder Alarm systems are home and business systems that alarm the owner if there is an unauthorized intrusion into the building. These often have mechanisms for allowing new guests to enter by automatically locking or unlocking doors. Oftentimes, these include video intercoms that allow the owner to speak to the person outside the door. Get complete peace of mind that your home protected 24/7! There are different brands of alarm systems. It is important to receive an evaluation from us so that we are able to determine which alarm syste

Access Control Systems

Be sure to keep safe your home and business with authorized personal safe and secure access. Access Control Systems are used to grant entrance to a building only for those approved to enter. An access control entrance can be a simple keypad on the door with a code one uses to enter. There are also systems that require key cards to enter the building. Wireless access control is also available and allows the person to enter without doing anything but holding the key device. There are systems suited for commercial systems, public institutions, small businesses, and even homes. The type of Access Control you will need will largely depend on how many people enter your building and how often. Contact us today. We can provide a thorough evaluation and provide a solution for you.

Thermal Temperature Reading Cameras and Screening Terminals

Temperature Screening technology is a newer technology that uses algorithms, sensors, and AI to check the temperatures of incoming people. These are able to differentiate human temperature from hot objects such as coffee cups. Temperature screening is useful for ensuring your building is protected from those who should be staying home. With the COVID-19 pandemic, this technology is especially relevant for re-opening schools and businesses. Hikvision is one of the most popular brands for temperature screening. These temperature screening devices are called Thermographic cameras. These come in turret, domes, and handheld forms. The accuracy varies by device that you purchase and the volume of people screened. Solutions are going to depend on how many people pass through your business and the perimeter of the building. Protect Your Employees and Customers

How can we contact North Cal Security?

Please feel free to reach out to North Cal Security for all your CCTV equipment needs. We offer professional installation of many of the top brands of CCTV equipment. You contact us by phone by calling us at (650) 684 7372. Please also feel free to contact us by email at with any questions you may have. We look forward to helping you with all your CCTV equipment installation needs. Contact us today!